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Tom Brady’s jersey sales record

Back to August last year, Tom Brady and New England Patriots were considered the favorites of the 50th Super Bowl, while Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers were regarded it is only competitive.six months passed, Newton tried to fight for the history of the Panthers first super Bowl, while Brady is at home to see the Super Bowl.But Brady still beat Newton in other areas.According to the latest NFL jerseys sales charts, so far Brady’s jersey sales in the first place,Newton ranked second. While Newton’s teammate Luke Kuechly ranked number 8.If the Panthers can win the Super Bowl, then Newton and Luke’s jersey will no doubt the sales doubled.
Is Tom Brady’s jersey has not found yet?
Tom Brady,a New England Patriot’s quarterback, is still searching for the lost jerseys in his Super Bowl, and he does not seem to have missed any suspector, including teammate Julian Edelman.US time Wednesday, Brady released a funny photo called “suspect list”in his face book,which included Edelman, as well as Stephanie (Lady Gaga) and others.It seems that Brady was getting closer to his own criminal suspects.Lady Gaga is the midfield show performers,so she can quickly fled, O’Doorle family also have the ability to take away their jerseys. If you think teammate Edelman would not take the jersey,that’s imposible.He is the most suspect,and he is likely to take the jersey after hiding in his bed.

The lost tom brady game jersey

New England Patriots in the 51st Super Bowl have been done for the past 2 weeks, but one thing has not been resolved, quarterback Tom Brady jersey has not been found.Brady is obviously disappointed to looking for the work of the jersey,especially after learning that this game jersey after the valuation.According to police reports, Brady’s this super jersey was valued at $ 500,000.As a result of the high valuation,the theft of this jersey is clearly a felony, the theft would encounter prison disaster, so let the thieves take the initiative to return of this valuable jersey has become increasingly difficult.

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